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Scotty Internship Programme

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Scotty Internship Programme offers wide range of opportunities to university students who are willing to be part of startup ecosystem. As the most hype one of Turkey, Scotty is seeking a self-starters who are highly collaborative and would like to gain experience in an application-product-led startup. 

Who we are

Established in 2017, Scotty is a technology start-up with a developable intelligence behind it. Scotty serves in three verticals, ride-sharing, food delivery and package delivery. With its more than 10K drivers, around 600K users and more than 3 million completed transactions, Scotty turned out to be a very desired service in a major city like Istanbul. Scotty, which had the best product-market fit from the very beginning, has the claim to make people save time as they live in the city. Having a modern, mindful and aware characteristic, Scotty aims to reach out every citizen in the operated city as well as every driver to add value to their lives and become the super app of the region.

What we are looking for

3rd & 4th year university students
Minimum 3 days availability per week
Good communication and interpersonal skills
Excellent command of written and spoken English
Analytical and problem-solving skills

What we are offering

After successful internship period, part-time or full-time job opportunity in Marketing, Community, People Operations, Ride, Food and Courier departments
Participate in brain-stimulating problem-solving sessions
Execute projects in a fast pace environment 
Mentorship and trainings

If you are willing to join our community and would like to learn more about Scotty culture, do not wait any longer. Apply today by sending your resumes to 

Deadline: 18th of February

Beam up to your future with Scotty!