 Experience in various leading multinational firms on “start up” , “joint venture” ,
” acquisitions” as well as “integration processes” which necessitates increased organizational effectiveness in the new missioned HR processes.
 HR management experience with sales minded approach coupled with hands on sales training, sales team development , consultative selling skills and consultant skills
 Successfully leading the establishment of a global consultancy firm herein Turkey and have been conducting its business development activities, developing and sustaining all account management activities by taking various roles and responsibilities in Turkish HR market
 Proven track of records both at “strategy development / implementation” and “collaboration / communication” skills with the customers, candidates and team members
 Systematic and proficient business approach yet with trustworthy ,ethical attitude and business acumen
IMS Health Sept 2009- continue IMS Health is a leading provider of information, services and technology for the healthcare industry, covering markets in 100+ countries around the world.
HR Manager
 Establishing HR department as the company grew by closely working with the corporate and regional IMS HR management contacts with the generalist approach covering all HR functions except payrolling
 Having global company acquisition experience, structural changes and all related HR acquisition tasks
 Working as an only one HR member for the whole organization consisting of 140 employees by directly reporting to GM and also reporting dotted line to Regional HR Directors.
 Being a contact and hands-on working person for all the HR functions of the different units positioned in IMS Turkey while collobaratively working with different regional HR leaders and colleques from those units
 Effectively work with the global leaders, colleques in order to provide timely and accurate information and results on core HR processes , actions to represent Turkey in a positive way
 Ensure that a strong performance culture is understood and embedded within Turkey by ensuring Performance Management Processes are accurately applied and talents are recognized and developed
 Overhauled the employee benefit programs, living adjustment increases, corporate and local trainings , leadership review facilities yearly bases by working with the local management and all regional contacts
İpek A,2
 Successfully being directly in the managing and hiring process which led to upgrading the employee profile while the company grew from 45 to 100 employees in a two years time
 Devised performance based culture and employee satisfaction leverages within the company by negotiating mostly with the local and regional management leaders.
 By working closely and coordinally with the local management and regional HR leaders as a global action , IMS Turkey completed the restructuring efforts without having any unfovarable results in 2010
Adecco Human Capital Solutions
Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH) Dec 2001- Sept 2009
Business Unit Manager
LHH is a U.S Global Career Management Services company, it is the Human Capital Solutions part of Adecco
 Foundation of LHH–Turkey: As the only designated manager, carried out the whole establishment process of LHH–Turkey individually, bringing LHH–Turkey up to its recent customer capacity, creating major turn-over figures and a successful market reputation. Taken the consultant, trainer, sales and customer relations roles since the launch of LHH–Turkey.
 Sales and Customer Management: Evaluating existing market conditions and targeting various segments, searching leading firms to create business relationships with their HR executives, to arrange visits for pro-active sales and presentation of LHH and its services. Consequently, carrying full P&L responsibility, developing proposals, managing and maintaining customer relations and reporting directly to Adecco Turkey GM.
 Consultancy and Delivery: As the LHH Certified-Consultant on the “Outplacement (OP) and Career Services (CS)”, carried out different tasks tailored to our candidates’ needs including; attending to one to one sessions as a “consultant”, participating in group programs as a “trainer”, and as a “job market researcher” to cover positions varying from a CEO to blue collar positions. Since early 2006, began to deliver mostly consultancy services to Senior Executives.
 Utilization of HR background: Efficiently utilizing the HR background, gained in previous companies during the “consultative selling visits” to the customers and during the “consultancy sessions” to the candidates.
 Working with Executives: Wide experience in working with company executives who are dealing with issues such as downsizing or mergers and acquisitions, and offer services to make the transition smooth and retain their valued people.
 LHH Retention Programs and Assessment Center studies: Work with international LHH consultants on Retention and Assessment Center know-how for delivery and to bring new LHH product for the organizations.
İpek A,3
 LHH Organization: After having proven LHH–Turkey’s proficiency in the market, within one year time, recruited three new consultants to LHH that deliver full LHH services skillfully.
 Coordination: Reporting to and coordinating with LHH-Belgium and LHH-USA about business opportunities, trainings and for all support. Creating synergy between Adecco Turkey team and LHH to maximize mutual benefits.
 Since its foundation, LHH-Turkey succeeded to expand its customer portfolio from various industries every year, achieving constant increase in sales, despite immature Outplacement market conditions and managing to retain existing customers of LHH.
 Individually worked directly with 450 candidates from the leading companies for OP services and got always high evaluationary scores as consultant and highly satisfactory value added feedbacks from the surveys.
 By providing qualified and result oriented services both to customers as well as to the candidates, LHH has been considered as a truly professional and trustworthy company in the sector.
Marsa Kraft Jacobs Suchard Sabancı Gıda San. ve Tic. A.Ş. March1995-
Sabancı Holding and Kraft Foods (a part of Philip Morris) joint venture company in FMCG sector
Sales Training & Development Manager July 2000- Nov 2001
 Recruitment of sales teams for 10 regions.
 Developing sales training and development plans for both KraftSa and MarSa sales teams.
 Building and following up “On the Job Training” plans for distributors and company sales
team and integrating this system into the training process.
Sales Training Chief March 1997- July 2000
Transition period for the Sales distributing system from “Working with Wholesalers” to “Working with Distributors”. Position reporting to Sales Director
 Developing new job descriptions for sales team, defining training needs, developing new
in-house training programs by working closely with outside training firms and sales
management teams.
 Sales team recruitment, training and sales development plan realizations for both company
and distributor sales teams
 Establishing the sales “in-house trainer” system and working with the training companies
for the training contents and starting in housing programs for all sales teams.
 Coordinating and implementing international Kraft Sales trainings in Turkey.
 Solid and effective HR role in the transition period of the sales team for quick and smooth adaptation to the new sales distribution system.
İpek A,4
 Developing standardized sales training programs delivered by the in house trainers for both company and distributors’ sales teams, coach their supervisors to meet the standardized sales performance expectations.
 Upgrade sales team qualifications by new recruitments systems designed by HR point of view.
Human Resources Development Chief March 1995- March 19 97
Human Resources Department (in Istanbul- Headoffice)
 Key HR contact responsible for all Head office HR activities such as performance appraisals,
Training organizations, recruitment activities
 Assisted in developing and organizing sales training programs
Human Resources Department (in Adana- Factory)
 Transition period for taking the Kraft Foods International HR systems for the joint venture
process and adapting Philip Morris (PM) HR systems to Marsa KJS company culture
 Delivering trainings, following up with the establishment of the PM global Performance
 Evaluation and Succession Planning systems
SANİPAK Saglık Urunleri San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. Jan 1992- March 1995
Joint venture FMCG Company of Eczacıbaşı and Procter and Gamble (P&G)
Personnel and Payroll Chief Sept 1993- March 1995
Position reporting to the Finance Director
 Overseeing the entire payroll activities of 400 white and blue-collar employees and following all legal procedures
Training and Recruitment Chief Jan 1993- Sept 1993
 Adapting and leading in-house trainings of Procter and Gamble for the Sanipak HR systems
 Implementing and following of the P&G Performance Evaluation Systems in Sanipak
Training and Recruitment Assistant Feb 1992- Jan 1993
The establishment period of Sanipak HR Department and adaptation of HR systems from P&G Turkey
 Taking active role in the foundation of Sanipak HR department and developing P&G in-house trainings and recruiting system
 Working with P&G Turkey HR personnel to apply their HR system to Sanipak
M.A., Adult Education,Bogazici University, 1991-1994
B.A., Guidance and Counselling , Bogazici University, 1986-1991
Beşiktaş Ataturk High School, 1980-1986
İpek A,5
Delivered Major Seminars:
 Interviewing Skills 2016
 How to give Feedback 2015
 Change Management and Moving 2007
Forward with Change,
 Managing Your Search Project 2001
 Job Search Productivity 2001
 Conducting a Notification Meeting 2001
 Effective Presentation Skills 2001
 In-house Sales Techniques trainings 2001
 Kraft Foods Leadership and Coaching Training 1997-2001
CTI- Co-active Training Institute Coaching certificate- Sept2015
 Date & Place of Birth: 08 March 1969 /Istanbul
 Marital status: Married
 Foreign Language: Fluent in English
 Having driving license
 Personnel Management Association (PERYON)
 Boğazici University Alumni (BUMED)
 Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Robert Kolej (BRM) İş İnsanları Derneği -
Management Committee member
 PWN-Professional Women Network
Playing tennis, playing piano, latin dance