Mısra Dinibütün Pişkin

Work Experience
March 2005 – present Istanbul
Project base working – CHRO HR Management, HR related Srategy & System Development Briefly; Developed internal HR procedures, Career and Succession Planning Systems; Managed employess & new recruitments. The position in projects included; Develpment of overall HR Systems & Processes, Business Management & Reorganization, driving company core values, Performance and Competency Evaluations, Assesment Center Development; Development of Internal Company Procedures, Cultural Identitiy; Executive Search – Talent Management, CRM Development, Process Development, Organizational Development; Staff Engagement, Executive Coaching; Psychometrics, Evaluation Systems, Sallary/Benefits,Learning Skills, e-HR and e-Learning Systems; Communication/Delegation; Employee Law, Payroll System, Employee Handbooks & Contracts. Also conducted companys’ IT and Finance structures. Built new systems and teams; structured internal communication and team performance. Worked with multinational Companies for culturel integration projects and increasing productivity such as; WPP - London, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Nestle, Pegasus-Ireland, Allianz, OMG Sales Analysis–Boston, TMI- Denmark
Jan. 2002 – Jan. 2005 Doğan Holding* Istanbul
Human Resources Dept. – HR Manager
Responsible from developing HR Department of Holding and coordinating overall HR functions of the Group Companies under the control of Holding. Developed HR Department, Managed the HR steps of reorganization. Developed internal procedures; organization chart; job descriptions; compensation analysis; job analysis and payroll system; performance appraisal and career planning. Developed performance system. Planed the evaluation of career development system. Designed career paths. Developed internal procedures and implemented HR objectives and processes within the Holding. Managed payroll activities and personnel administration. Developed internal procedures and gave training on core values. Developed and implemented business objectives and processes within the Holding and worked as consultant for the Group Companies. Worked as HR Consultant of the Group Companies i.e. POAŞ, Çelik Halat, Ditaş, Organik Tarım, Milpa, Milta, Doğan Enerji. Controlled the procedures according to the labor law. Coordinated industrial relations. Planed and analyzed training needs and organized corporate training. Designed trainings for some positions. Prepared training program and training budget. Responsible of executive search, selection and recruitment for Doğan Holding and the Group Companies under the control of Holding.
March 2002– Jan. 2002 Institute for Behavioral Studies Istanbul
HR Business Development and Marketing Dept. – HR Manager (Development Project)
Responsible from training development projects, program design and marketing functions:
 Responsible of developing and marketing of Human Resources and Training projects.
 Designed training projects especially on Career Development, Coaching, Leadership, Employee/Customer Satisfaction, Communication Skills, and Copping with Difficult People. Developed AC projects. Reorganized Human Resources processes and functions of companies.
 Organized and gave Career Consultancy service for university and high-school students.
Feb. 1999 – March 2002 Doğuş Holding A.Ş. Istanbul
HR Department – HR Generalist
Responsible from overall HR functions:
 Responsible of Organizational Auditing (due diligence).
 Responsible of compensation analysis, performance appraisal and career planning. Developed job analysis and enrichment. Evaluated career development system, designed the career paths.
 Responsible of executive search, selection and recruitment. Started and managing e-recruitment and e-learning projects. Participating in salary & benefits surveys; developing and recommending pay structure changes.
 Managed BPR Project (HR side). Developed reorganization plan for Holding.
 Developed internal procedures. Developed and implemented business objectives and processes within the Holding and worked as consultant for the Group Companies.
 Responsible of Training; planning&analysing training needs. Organizing corporate training.
 Coordinating the training budget & facilities. Conducted need analysis and follow-up system for having effective results. Designed and developed training programs.
Feb 1999 - Dec.2000 Responsible of Corporate PR, as a function within HR Dept.
 Coordinating PR activities and creating awareness of the “company identity”; the public awareness of Doğuş as a brand. Built the standards within the group companies. Worked in London office for group’s PR activities on “cultural identity”.
 Designed “intraweb” pages for the use of Holding Departments. Created a team for designing Company’s web page; actively worked on the web page design project.
 Established and arranged monthly “data-share” meetings of Doğuş Group. Designed and translated Doğuş Group Annual Report.
Agust. 1996- Feb. 1999 TMI Turkiye/ PDR Int. ConsultancyIstanbul / London
Training and Key Accounts Development Executive – Training Executive
Responsible of open seminar development, sales and creating target accounts
 Added major accounts that had in-company (wall to wall) training.
 Responsible of int. conference organizations, sales and marketing facilities; internal and external training planning; follow-ups and training need analysis; arranging case studies of key accounts on Europe. Worked with Denmark head and London offices.
 Responsible of creating public awareness of conference & seminar organizations.
Internal Trainer
 Trained sales people within the company on sales, team management & core values. Trained staff on having well commend of written and spoken English.
1999- 2001 Doğuş University Istanbul
Master on Business Administration (MBA) & M.A. on Human Resources Management (double)
Thesis on: “Understanding (the Problems of) e-HR and e-Learning Systems”
Selected Projects: Application of Balance Score Card, Business Process Reengineering, Performance Management, Building an e-HR Model, Evaluation of e-Learning, Six Sigma.
June 1996 Boğaziçi University Istanbul
Bachelor of Arts - History Major
Thesis on: “Dar-ül-fünun” (stages of University)